Sustainable Mobility, Soft mobility, Active mobility...

You have surely already heard about the Company Travel Plan, Corporate Social Responsibility, the Mileage Tax, or even the extension of the Zone 30 in many cities. It is obvious that mobility is a key challenge for the years to come. And companies will have a crucial role in this development. Introducing soft and shared mobility solutions is therefore a fairly simple and relatively inexpensive way to achieve immediate and guaranteed results.

The advantages of shared bikes in companies

Promoting the use of bikes in your company has a direct impact on your carbon footprint and contributes to reducing urban congestion.

This solution has a direct impact on your company and your employees. By allowing your employees to be physically active during the day, you positively influence their breathing and cardiac capacities. This will have a positive effect on their productivity. Absenteeism is reduced and performance is better than that of colleagues who are car drivers. Cyclists are also more punctual because they are no more dependent on traffic.

It is obviously an economical solution. By leaving the car behind for many short trips, you save money in terms of your fleet. (fuel, running costs, parking fees, etc.)


Electrical range for more comfort

The electric function allows you to travel without necessarily needing sportwear or a changing room. Business trips can be completely revised: customer visits, trips between sites, lunches, etc.

A fully integrated and connected system for maximum peace of mind

Thanks to HOOBA’s app and connected locks, the company does not have to worry about anything. It does not require any internal intervention. Booking, repairs, maintenance, location, activation, … everything is managed through the app. 

With the reservation function, it is very easy to get a bike instantly.


HOOBA is fully compatible with other alternative means of transport. Commuters can now also use a bike during the day and go back home by other means at the end of the day.