Who is behind HOOBA ?

Our Story

The Birth of the HOOBA Project

HOOBA, it's the story of two Brussels brothers who are passionate about cycling and faced with the daily challenge - or rather, problem - of commuting to work!

We were truly motivated to bring innovative solutions to alleviate urban congestion and contribute to pollution reduction. Therefore, we decided to create a comprehensive mobility solution for businesses and their employees.

About Serge and Adrien Devillers HOOBA

The first observation was that not everyone has the necessary equipment to travel by bike in a simple and secure manner. The second observation was that companies rarely have the time to manage these solutions themselves. Moreover, not everyone has the knowledge or means to take care of the maintenance and repair of these bikes.

We wanted to develop the most comprehensive and user-friendly solution possible! And that's how HOOBA was born !

About the inception of HOOBA.

A bit of history...

Early 2019

In the beginning

The founders, Serge and Adrien, both work in major companies in the mobility sector. During this time, they observe that most people are alone in their cars, facing significant traffic jams to get to work or even to grab a sandwich during their lunch break... It is a nonsensical situation for a city like Brussels, known for its heavy traffic congestion.


About the idea behind HOOBA
Early 2019
End 2019

The idea emerges

Serge and Adrien feel a strong desire to venture into the field of sustainable mobility with a meaningful purpose focused on the environment and mobility solutions. They want to be part of the solution rather than the problem.

Serge proposes a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project within his company: the implementation of a bicycle fleet. It is at this point that the idea for HOOBA starts to take shape and mature.

About the story of HOOBA
End 2019
2020 - 2021

The project is launched

Convinced of the private bike-sharing fleet model, the two brothers launch HOOBA. They observe a growing enthusiasm for shared mobility in major cities across Europe.

Their solution is developed, and initial pilot tests are conducted with Hive 5 coworking and Befimmo. They secure their first public contract with the Port of Brussels.

About the launch of HOOBA
2020 - 2021

The Recognition

HOOBA joins the Forward program and receives the Public Award presented by Barbara Trachte, Secretary of State for the Brussels-Capital Region.

A fundraising campaign is conducted, securing investments from backers such as Finance & Invest Brussels, Credal, and Citizenfund.

About the recognition of HOOBA

The story continues...

HOOBA has expanded its presence across various sectors, including businesses, office buildings, public administrations, coliving spaces, and campuses. We have even started a territorial expansion in Flanders with a presence in Antwerp.

About the future of HOOBA
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The values that drive us

We work passionately to transform the mobility of the future.


Putting well-being at the center of our concerns.


Doing things with determination and passion.


Contributing with optimism to the company's project.


Being creative and responsible in order to preserve our environment for future generations.

Our team

We've decided to act for change. What about you ?

Serge Devillers HOOBA
Serge Devillers
CO-Founder & CEO
Adrien Devillers HOOBA
Adrien Devillers
CO-Founder & COO
Adrien Van crombrugghe
Fleet Manager
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Xavier Meire
Mobility Advisor
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