Make it easy to get around town for business.

A flexible, all-inclusive rental solution.

Solution de location flexible, "tout Inclus"

Facilitez vos déplacements professionnels en ville

Installations, entretiens, services, livraisons,... quel que soit votre coeur de métier: Hooba met à votre
disposition des véhicules adaptés à votre activité et s’occupe de leur entretien permanent.
Il ne vous reste plus qu’à rouler !

Installations, maintenance, services, deliveries ...

Hooba provides you with vehicles adapted to your professional activities.

Full Service
Assurance premium
Entretiens préventifs
Réparations ou véhicule de remplacement
Une personne de contact joignable et réactive
Engagement mensuel: pas de gros investissement de départ
Possibilité de test sur 2 mois
Vos besoins ont changé en cours de route ? On vous aide à adapter votre flotte.
Mais aussi ...
Des configurations de vélo qui s’adaptent à vos besoins
Branding & personnalisation
Nos véhicules sont équipés de traceurs pour une analyse des trajets et kms parcourus

Full Service

✔️ Insurance
✔️ Preventive maintenance
✔️ Repairs or replacement vehicle
✔️ A contact person who can be reached quickly and easily


✔️ No initial investment: monthly commitment
✔️ 2-month trial possible
✔️ Have your needs changed along the way? We'll help you adapt your fleet

But also ...

✔️ Bike configurations to suit your needs
✔️ Branding & personalization
✔️ Our vehicles are equipped with tracers for analysis of routes and kilometers traveled
All you have to do is ride !
Our vehicles

A selective and qualitative offer for an even more premium service.

Main ok

TERN HSD from 210 EUR/month

A compact, extremely maneuverable longtail that lets you carry small equipment to do your daily work


  • Rear platform
  • Lockable aluminium Eurobox
  • Front basket
  • Double stand
Bosch Performance Line, 500Wh
60KG payload
50-118km range

Download data sheet   Ask for a quote


_UA reworked

URBAN ARROW CARGO L from 330 EUR/month

A cargobike that offers a comfortable and safe ride for transporting equipment related to your services or for your deliveries.


  • Double stand
  • Lockable flightcase
Bosch Cargo Line, 500Wh
200KG payload, 300L volume
50-118km range*
*Optional: double battery

Download data sheet  Ask for a quote

BILMO M Trailer from 140 EUR/month

100% Belgian! At just 89cm wide, the Bilmo trailer will take you anywhere.


  • Open box
  • Lockable pin
195 KG payload
1300L volume  
3 wheels for stability  
Fork for ground handling 

Download data sheet   Ask for a quote

Find the bike that best suits your needs
and get a quote!

At Hooba, we're committed to helping you operate smoothly as a trusted partner.

Compare our rental prices for 2, 12, 36 months.

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Do you have questions? We have the answers.

What are the advantages of a Hooba pro membership?

When you rent your cargo bikes, longtails, and/or trailers from Hooba, you're opting for:

  • A complete service including preventive and regular maintenance, insurance, and a replacement vehicle in the event of a serious breakdown.
  • A contact person entirely at your disposal to work with you on the evolution of your company's mobility.
  • A flexible solution that requires no up-front investment, and for which you choose the duration of the subscription.
  • Additional services such as data sharing on kilometers traveled thanks to our tracker, the possibility of branding your bikes, advice to help you get your teams in the saddle! 
What should I do if I realize that my needs have changed during my subscription?

If you'd like to change your vehicle during the course of your subscription, or if you don't want to wait until the end of your short-term subscription to upgrade to a long-term one: it's possible.

Just tell your Hooba contact person, who will be happy to advise you and adapt your current subscription to your new needs, as far as the available fleet allows at the time. 

What happens if my bike is stolen or damaged?

The company must report it directly to Hooba, detailing the circumstances (date, time and place of theft or damage, name of bike and fleet) by e-mail to

Hooba will take care of reporting the incident to the police and following up with the insurance company.

If the user respects the conditions of use of the vehicles: Insurance will cover theft or damage, and Hooba will repair or replace the bike. 

If the user does not respect the conditions of use of the fleet. HOOBA will repair or replace the bike and invoice the customer for the total cost. The name of the user will be forwarded and the customer may request reimbursement from the user in accordance with the conditions of use. 

Is there a deductible for the insurance policy?

Yes, a deductible of €125 will be charged to the customer.

What type of insurance does HOOBA offer?

All HOOBA vehicles are covered by insurance against theft and damage. Liability insurance is not included in the basic service.

In the event of damage to a third party, the employer's insurance covers the costs, provided the vehicle is used for work purposes. In the case of private use, the user's family liability insurance must be requested. User liability insurance is available as an option.

In the event of an accident, injuries and damage are not covered by insurance. Employer's insurance will only be considered for work-related use. 

How do I report a problem with my bike?

The HOOBA team regularly visits the fleets to check the condition of the bikes. However, if a bike is damaged or needs maintenance, the easiest way is to report the problem directly to The Hooba team will deal with the problem as quickly as possible. You can also report a problem by phone or WhatsApp.

How do I contact assistance if my bike breaks down during a journey?

If the insured bike is immobilized following a technical incident (discharged battery not accepted), there is assistance available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which organizes the dispatch of a breakdown mechanic or, if it is impossible to carry out the breakdown on site, a transporter to tow the insured bike to the garage and also to transport the user to the place of departure or arrival.

24-hour assistance +32 (0)4/340 56 23 - Insurance policy number MA33 006 826.

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