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How to get HOOBA-Sharing App?
  1. Download the HOOBA-Sharing App on your smartphone

  2. Create your account with your professional e-mail address

  3. Allow HOOBA to access your camera and localization




How can user book a trip with HOOBA-Sharing App?
How to add a private fleet with HOOBA-Sharing App?


How many bikes can a company rent from Hooba?

The minimum number of vehicles per site is 2

What happens in case of a bike gets stolen or damaged?

User need to report it directly to HOOBA with details of the circumstances (Date, time and location of the theft, Name of the Bike & the fleet) via email to

Hooba will take care to declare it to the police and the follow-up with the insurance company

In the event that the user complies with the terms of use of the fleet. Insurance will cover the theft or damaged and HOOBA will take care of repair or replacement of the bike

In the event that the user does not comply with the terms of use of the fleet. HOOBA will undertake the repair or replacement and charge the total costs to the Customer. The name of the user will be forwarded and the customer will be able to demand reimbursement from the user in accordance with the terms of use.

Is there any excess to be paid on the insurance policy?

There is an excess of 125 € which will be charged to the customer

What kind of insurance does Hooba's connected vehicles service offer?

All HOOBA vehicles are covered by theft & damage insurance. There is no liability insurance included in the basic service. In case of damage to a third party, the employer's insurance will cover the costs as long as the use was within the scope of work. In the case of private use, the user's family liability insurance must be called in. User liability insurance is available as an option.

In case of an accident, injuries and damages are not covered by insurance. The employer's insurance will be taken into account in case of work-related use only.

How do I report a problem with a bike?

The HOOBA team visits regularly fleets to check the condition of the bikes. However, if a bike is damaged or needs maintenance, the easiest way is to report the problem directly via the menu of the mobile application. The Hooba team will take care of the problem as soon as possible. It is also possible to report a problem via the email address

How to contact assistance in case of a breakdown during a trip?

If the insured bicycle is immobilised as a result of a technical incident (discharged battery not accepted), there is assistance available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which organises the dispatch of a breakdown mechanic or, if it is impossible to carry out the breakdown on the spot, a transporter to tow the insured bicycle to the garage and also to transport the user to the place of departure or arrival. 📞 24-hour assistance +32 (0)4/340 56 23 - Insurance policy number MA33 006 826.

Can user reserve a bike in advance?

Yes, standard set up allow users to reserve a bike up to 15 minutes in advance via the mobile app.

How to recharge the batteries?

The chargers are made available in the parking area either by fixing to the existing hoops or in secure boxes. Users are responsible for recharging the bike on their return if the battery charge level requires it

If required, HOOBA can also organize charging station installation

What infrastructure is needed at the parking spot of the bike?

The bicycle parking area must have a fixed point for attaching the bicycles. HOOBA bicycles can be attached to existing hoops. This parking area should be covered and preferably secured. An internet connection (wifi or 4G) is required. Power outlets are also required in order to install the chargers. Hooba can assist the customer in determining the most suitable infrastructure for their specific needs.

Which internet connection is required?

A Wifi or 4G internet connection is required in the parking area (4G mandatory for IOT equipped vehicles)

What are the prerequisites for success?
  • Place the bicycles in a place that is easily accessible and visible to users
  • Access to bike should be free and easily accessible to all potential users
  • Good & regular communications to all users are key
  • Provide a secure covered space sufficient for number of shared vehicle in place
  • Foreseen enough power sockets and a good internet connection in the parking area (wifi or 4G)
  • Have enough fixed points to secure vehicles

HOOBA can help you to successfully deploy all these elements and make your launch a success

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