Our mission

HOOBA‘s mission is to offer complete and innovative alternative mobility solutions to companies and sectors.

Our history

HOOBA is the story of two Brussels brothers who are passionate about cycling and confronted every day with the question – not to say the problem – of mobility to get to work!

We really wanted to provide innovative solutions to relieve congestion in cities and help reduce pollution. We therefore decided to set up a more global mobility solution for companies and their employees.

The first observation being is that not everyone has the necessary equipment to get around by bike in a simple and safe way. The second is that companies rarely have the time to manage these solutions themselves. Moreover, not everyone has the knowledge or the means to take care of the maintenance and repairs of bikes. We wanted to develop a solution that was as complete as possible and, above all, fun and smooth for the users!

This is how … HOOBA was born! 

Our values


Putting well-being at the centre of our concerns.


Do things with determination and passion.


Contribute optimistically to the company’s project.


Be creative and responsible in order to preserve our environment for future generations