Cargo Bikes Fleet

Biking as a Work Tool: Enhanced Efficiency along the Canal.

Cargo bike fleet for the Port of Brussels.


The Port of Brussels, a major player in transportation, logistics, and leisure, was seeking an alternative solution to facilitate the clearance of its 14 kilometers of riverbanks. Due to the constraints related to distance, the inaccessibility of certain areas by van, the desire to reduce CO² emissions, and a lack of knowledge about cycling solutions, the Port turned to HOOBA to take on this challenge.

The project's objectives were to provide electric bicycles, trailers, and a tricycle, to brand all the equipment, to ensure maintenance and repair of the assets, and to organize a training session for the Port's staff.

HOOBA offered a personalized package and provided the necessary support during the project's launch. The training of the staff and ongoing support were key elements of the success of this initiative aimed at introducing the use of electric bikes and trailers within the Port's operations.



Name : Port of Brussels
Sector : Transport, Logistics and Leisure
Figures : 9.000 Employees / 300 Companies
Location : Brussels : Brussels Canal / Gare Maritime / Tour et Taxi
Domain of Activity :  The canal is the artery that makes the heart of the city beat. The Port of Brussels offers everyone a world of economic opportunities, leisure, and environmentally-friendly sports. The port represents diversity, and diversity is Brussels, and Brussels is life.
Website : https://port.brussels/en


  • The Port of Brussels was in search of an alternative solution to facilitate the clearance of their 14 kilometers of riverbanks along the canal.

  • Due to the time-consuming nature of covering distances on foot, the inaccessibility of certain areas by van, the commitment to reducing CO2 emissions, and the lack of internal knowledge regarding cycling solutions, the Port of Brussels decided to seek assistance from HOOBA to address these numerous challenges.


The Port of Brussels was looking for a service provider capable of

Solutions and strategies



To select the most suitable equipment for the Port of Brussels project, HOOBA met with several suppliers of trailers and triporteurs.



HOOBA presented a customized offer, including branding, the sale of vehicles, a maintenance service over several years, and specific training sessions for the use of this equipment.



The implementation of the project was a real novelty for some members of the personnel. HOOBA placed great emphasis on providing support during the launch to maximize the project's chances of success.



HOOBA provides preventive maintenance and on-demand repairs to the Port throughout the duration of the contract.


After being selected, HOOBA undertook the necessary preparations for the bicycles, trailers, branding, and equipment in order to train the staff on their use. Upon delivery, a training session was scheduled, and HOOBA provided support during the staff's initial trials. As the use of trailers towed by electric bicycles was new to the Port of Brussels, the training and support of the staff played a crucial role in the success of the project.


The HOOBA solution allows the Port of Brussels to increase the efficiency of the personnel responsible for clearing the riverbanks.


and time saved in daily work

100 %

User and project stakeholders' satisfaction

+ 400 km

were covered within 5 months

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