1. These Terms of use for HOOBA Fleet apply to all uses of the HOOBA Fleet by the Customer and its authorized users.
  2. Definitions in the HOOBA General Terms and Conditions shall also apply to these Terms of use for HOOBA Fleet.

Terms of use

  1. The use of vehicles shall be carried out in strict compliance with the traffic laws and these Terms of use for HOOBA Fleet.
  2. Only authorized users may use vehicles, non-authorised users are expressly prohibited from using a vehicle. It is expressly forbidden to make the vehicle available free of charge, to sublet it or to rent it out to another person.
  3. Authorised users must use vehicles with due care and are responsible for any material and/or physical damage caused to others or themselves.
  4. Only persons over the age of 16 may become authorized users and may use a vehicle.
  5. The customer will ensure that the authorized user uses vehicles in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions (especially in terms of maximum weight).
  6. Vehicles may only be used by one person at a time.
  7. During the use of the vehicle, the authorized user is obliged to lock the vehicle to a fixed point using the padlock provided by HOOBA.
  8. After use of the vehicle, the Authorised User is obliged to terminate its ride in the Application (in order to make the vehicle accessible to other Authorised Users) and to return the vehicle to the designated parking space(s), to lock the vehicle with the HOOBA padlock at the designated fixed point(s) and to connect it to the charger provided. Furthermore, it is forbidden to take ownership of a vehicle for a period over 2 working days, unless the Customer (fleet manager) or HOOBA agrees otherwise.
  9. In all cases, vehicles must be tied up and secured inside a building and cannot be left outside :
    • from 6pm from October to March and;
    • from 7pm from April to September.
      Any theft outside after these hours and until 6am will be entirely the responsibility of the user.
  10. Vehicles leased by HOOBA to the Customer may not be used in any of the following ways:
    • to carry a passenger;
    • to make paid deliveries;
    • to propel or tow a vehicle, trailer or any other object;
    • during a race, a competition or to perform acrobatics;
    • to participate in demonstrations, gatherings, or mass events;
    • by a user under influence of drugs or alcohol;
    • on land or in conditions likely to damage the vehicle;
    • in the commission of a crime or other illegal activity;
    • in a careless manner or in a manner not in accordance with the normal use of this type of vehicle;
    • to transport goods;
    • in the event of extreme weather conditions (e.g. heavy rain, snowfall, storms or high winds) which make it dangerous to drive a vehicle.
  11. The above list is not exhaustive and also covers any unreasonable or inappropriate use of a vehicle. Any violation of the law will, in any case, be considered as such.
  12. The authorized user must use the vehicle in accordance with these rules and any user manual provided by HOOBA.
  13. The Customer and/or Authorised User must immediately notify HOOBA in the event of any malfunction, damage or theft of the vehicle and/or the locks.
  14. In case of violation of any of the provisions of these Terms of use for HOOBA Fleet, the Authorized User will receive a warning by e-mail from the Fleet Manager (the Customer) or from HOOBA. In case of repeated violation of these Terms of use, in agreement with the Customer, HOOBA may exclude the Authorized User from the list of Authorized Users.
  15. In the event of theft or damage due to negligence from the user or non-compliance with these terms of use, costs involved shall be passed to the customer, who may pass them on to the offending user.
  16. During a ride, an emergency number can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in case of breakdown, theft or accident requiring assistance: +32 4 340 56 23. (Insurance policy number MA33 006 826)